Founded in 2017 as a university spin-off from the University Hospital Tübingen, EARLAB GmbH is an innovative medical-device manufacturer focused on providing easy-to-use yet powerful diagnostic tools to detect hearing loss for patients, physicians, and audiometric professionals.

Our Mission

Currently established methods for objective assessment of hearing loss still offer only limited diagnostic value about the severity and the origin of hearing impairment. Furthermore, conventional objective audiometric methods often lack accuracy and frequency-specific information in assessing a patient’s hearing and usually require the time-consuming combination of various acoustical and electrophysical measurements.

The aim of EARLAB is nothing less but to revolutionize the diagnosis of hearing loss by individually assessing the state of the middle ear, inner ear, and the neural pathway with only a single objective audiometric measurement based on sound waves emitted by the ear.

Our Vision

We want everybody to be able to easily scan, preserve, and improve their hearing function by providing powerful yet user-friendly audiometric diagnostic systems.


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