Innovative Hearing Assessment

Differential diagnosis of hearing loss with only a single objective audiometric measurement.

We develop solutions for accurate and frequency-specific assessment of middle-ear, inner-ear, and neural disorders without patient interaction.

Our Technology – From Research to the Patient

The basic principle of the EARLAB technology was developed at the ENT department of the University of Tübingen, Germany, and has been proven in studies with more than 200 patients.

Based on a unique approach to evoke and analyze time-resolved distortion-product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs), our solutions to diagnose hearing loss incorporate both the biophysical principles of sound processing in the human ear and intelligent signal-processing algorithms.

By analyzing the impact of sound conduction and neural feedback loops on the DPOAE generation process, the EARLAB technology allows for differential diagnosis of disorders of the inner and middle ears as well as the neural pathway of the auditory system.

Our Solutions

Objective Audiograms

Our technology provides frequency-specific threshold assessment with previously unseen accuracy that can be visualized in a form similar to the well-known audiogram.

Newborn Screening

With the emission-based evaluation of sound conduction, false-positive screening results in the presence of amniotic fluid can be considerably reduced.

differential diagnosis

By analyzing the effects of sound conduction and neural feedback loops on DPOAE time signals, our approach enables the differentiation between conductive and sensorineural hearing loss as well as disorders of the auditory system including the neural pathway up to the brainstem.

Automatic Hearing-Aid Fitting and Ototoxic Monitoring

The accuracy and test-retest reliability of our threshold assessment make it suitable for additional applications such as automatic hearing-aid fitting or monitoring of hearing loss due to ototoxic drugs.

Building Hearing Research into Medical Devices

Professional experience

More than 30 years of combined research experience in the field of hearing research and engineering.

Patented technology

Our technology is patented in the EU and the US.

Proof of principle

Our technology has been proven in multiple studies including over 200 patients.


The scientific principle behind the EARLAB approach has been described in multiple peer-reviewed papers and conference proceedings.

Interested in the EARLAB Technology?

In the near future, we will complete the development of our first medical-grade prototype that can be used to assess hearing loss due to cochlear and middle-ear disorders.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our solutions and results of ongoing studies with our clinical partners.